Welcome to Sunshine Spa & Pool Supply!
We’re your Baltimore area Maax & Caldera Spa Dealer - family owned & operated with over 20 years of experience.   Available to provide you with any help or information you may need, we’re here to show you the perfect spa for you and your family. Don’t worry! We’ll teach you everything you need to know! We provide the information necessary for you to decide which spa suits your individual and unique situation.  Our ultimate goal is your confidence in a decision well made!

Who We Are:
Family Owned & Operated
22 years experience
Full line of Maax Spas & Caldera Spas
Models available for in store test soak
Full line of spa chemicals, accessories, replacement covers, cover lifters & spa fragrances
Full line of pool chemicals, accessories and supplies (if we don’t have it in stock – we would be happy to order it – most ordered products take only 1-3 days to receive)
Free Pool Water Testing with printing recommendations on what is needed to keep your swimming pool crystal clear!
Well trained & highly experienced spa repair technicians

Our Services:
                 Spa Services
New Spa Sales
Spa Product Consultation
                     (how to best take care 
                      of your spa & its water)
Spa Repair
Replacement Spa Covers

Pool Services

  1. Pool Chemicals & Supplies

  2. Free Pool Water Testing with

      instruction guide for how to get

      your pool water crystal clear

  1. Pool Product Consultation

  2. Pool Pump Repair

  3. Replacement Pool Covers

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